Our Technology

Inspect Modes


 Inspecting plants during a lights-off cycle can be challenging, not an issue with the Growgenics' advanced LED Grow Lights, just one tap of a button on our easy to use app illuminates the full array of green and/or white LEDs only! 

Integrated On/Of Timer


Tired of mechanical timers?  No problem, Growgenics' Shape lights have integrated on/off timers built in.  Just download our app to your smart phone or computer and set your desired on/off times, and let Growgenics do the work !

50% Less Energy


Based on advanced scientific research and extensive lab testing, Growgenics' shape lights have been developed to provide equal plant photonic energy at half the power of typical HPS lighting.

Programmable Grow Cycles


Growgenics' unique smart-phone app provides users ability to program their entire grow cycle for specific plants including on/off times, light power levels, and light color spectrum. 

Passive Cooling


Growgenics advanced engineered lights passively cool, meaning there are no  moving parts or fans required to cool the lights.  Our custom aluminum extrusion that houses the LED board removes heat passively. 

Integrated Sensors


Growgenics Lights can be integrated with environmental sensors to measure room temp, humidity, CO2 levels, and light energy.